ptsd/trauma therapy in Rossendale

Many types of experiences can be traumatic and lead to PTSD. We are all unique and what affects us is unique

Sometimes a single event or a series of experiences/events can lead to being traumatised. The traumatising event(s) may have happened recently or Been triggered again from years gone by. Whenever the trauma arrives, it is highly life affecting and restricting, including the ability to work, perform day to day activities and relate to family or friends. 

Causes of psychological and emotional trauma include accidents, personal experience of physical or sexual abuse, witnessing the abuse or violence of others, childhood abuse, events (like war, natural disasters), loss of loved ones, including being rejected/excluded from relationships/culture/safe spaces..

What happens to us after traumatic experiences?

Difficult experiences can leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused and afraid. In a state of trauma our bodies can respond in ways they didn’t before; becoming hyper vigilant, Experience rage, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, nightmares, insomnia, panic attacks, disturbing thoughts or feelings and emotional detachment. Some people re-experience the traumatic event both psychologically and physically.

Trauma counselling can help

Trauma therapy can help untangle the complex emotions and fears that survivors often describe.

I work to support trauma survivors by carefully facilitating a process that can help to restore a sense of safety and control in their lives. My work/training in this field is underpinned by Client Centred values, assisted by using evidence-based Relational CBT tools.